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My name is Dr. Precious Alino.

I am a creative nurturer and a strategic leader with a deep sense of integrity, commitment, dedication, and drive to help others recognize their talents and maximize their potential. I am an author, a pharmacist, public speaker, a leader in the health care industry, a Christian, and a youth leader, founder and CEO of a nonprofit organization, a mother of four amazing children and a wife. I am a certified Master Life Coach in Goal success, Happiness, Life purpose, and Confidence. 

While I like to share my energy, drive and passion with you, I hate telling people what to do, and I also don’t offer a “one size fits all” strategy. Instead, I listen to understand your unique strengths, values, aspirations, and dreams. By so doing, I am able to offer you the right strategy meant for you, and you, alone. 

I have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and a master’s degree in Health system administration There was a point in my life when I was juggling the responsibilities of being a dutiful wife and a caring mother of three children who were all in elementary school while completing a Pharmacy Residency program in the hospital during the day and attending classes for my master’s degree at night. I have lived in three countries and moved through three continents while having and raising kids, so I know one or two things about everyday life struggle. 


I have a deep understanding of the change process and change management. I know that most people are successful as long as the road is smooth, but almost terrified to continue when roadblocks present. Knowing that this was my biggest struggle in the past, I bring a combination of life experiences and mastery skills in training courses to provide you strategic steps to help you with your roadblock factors.  I am a certified life coach, I have managed people (professionals and non-professionals), and I have mentored both young and older individuals. Above all, I am a real person with real life experiences and struggles. Reach out today and let’s get started on the success journey.

Dr. Ndidi Precious Alino
Dr. Ndidi Precious Alino
Dr. Ndidi Precious Alino
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